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Is it possible to do usability testing on the cheap?

So, you’ve never done a usability test or focus group before. “How long is it going to take?” you might be wondering. As we all know, time is money.

It turns out that there is a huge range of time that can be spent on testing, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the subject matter is. What matters is the level of detail you desire.

What are Levels of Interruption, and why do they matter?

I admit it… I have attention deficit disorder. I easily get distracted. Unfortunately, data shows that most of us do too.

Whether it’s viewing a web site or trying to use an ATM machine, users can quickly get thrown off their original task. If we don’t consider interruptions carefully in the design of our products and services, customers will at best be slowed down by distractions and at worst will abandon our products entirely. Here’s how you can fix the interruptions that matter the most.