Create Designs that Sell

Have you ever wondered why some products sell like hotcakes while others languish on the shelves? Or why some services get free advertising while others can’t get media to bite?

The reason is often that the product or service isn’t compelling. It may have great features and be a thing of beauty, but if it doesn’t solve a customer need, it probably won’t sell.

Figuring out what users need is a step in the development process which is often ignored. In our experience, the more mature the company, the less often the company strives to understand its customers. It’s easy to fall into that rut. You know what your customers like, so why should you take the time to find out?

Because customers change.

Understanding your users’ needs doesn’t take much time. But it does require that you take the time to do it. That time will be well spent. Products and services which meet user needs have a much higher compounding rate of sales. Satisfied customers tell other customers, and that’s the best kind of free advertising – a personal recommendation. And that increased compounding leads directly to additional profits.

How doing a more targeted design can increase your profits
Hildebrandt Associates helps you focus on understanding your customers’ needs and converting those needs into products and services your customers covet. Our Path to Successful Design can show you how to spend a little more time understanding your users and a lot more time making profits.