Once you have observed your customers, interpreting those observations and finding the insights can be confusing. You might see this “fuzzy front end” as difficult to do, but it is actually straightforward. Through some simple techniques, we can help you make sense of the information and develop key insights that will help you find product opportunities.


Categorizing the insightsBy grouping your customers’ comments, behaviors, difficulties, and successes you can quickly see patterns emerge. Your team will find the patterns in the data through “bucketing” and reorganizing. In very little time, you’ll have key insights that represent your customers’ pain points and therefore their needs.


Ranking of Importance Some insights are more critical than others, and you want to know the most important ones. Through a ranking process, your team can determine which insights represent the highest needs for your customers. These insights could be areas of the greatest opportunity for your business.

Where do you play?

Where do we play?Equally important to knowing customer insights is having a map of where your business is headed. We’ll help you quickly determine where you want to play and, more importantly, where you don’t want to play. For instance, you may want to serve customers that can afford a premium product, but decide to exclude customers who cannot. Having this map will help guide you through finding the opportunities specific to your business.