Our Process

Our process is a simple five-step approach.


Our processThe path to successful design starts with discovery. Observing what your customers do rather than what they say can help you get at problems they encounter along the way (whether or not they realize that these are barriers to accomplishing their task). We observe customers in their environments and watch for challenges. These observations combined with more formal methods allow you to understand the process they use to complete tasks, and more importantly where the pain points are along the way.


From the observations, insights can be drawn. Some insights are obvious. For instance, you might conclude, “We need a feature that does that.” Others require combining information from several observations. We help you sift through the data to reach a set of tangible insights that you can act on.


Insights lead to product opportunities. There are often many ways to address the same customer need. We help you work through these opportunities and prioritize them based on human, technical, and business viability. (See the section below, “Considering All Aspects of the Product.”) When you’ve completed this process, you will have a clearly prioritized list of product opportunities.


The next step is creating concepts for the product opportunity areas. This is the most creative part of the process. We help get the ideas flowing while making sure that those ideas stay focused on the opportunities that were uncovered. And we help you test the concepts with your customers to make sure the concepts will meet their needs.


The most effective concepts now become product designs. We work with your team to make sure they not only understand what the concepts are, but why. More importantly, we continue to work with you to ensure that the designs have human, technical, and business viability. Finally, we help you test the product designs again to make sure nothing got lost in the process. Each time you do this, you’ll learn more about your customers. At the end of this process, you should have products highly coveted by your customers.